It is Time for Virtual Fashion!

It is Time for Virtual Fashion!

During lockdowns, times of uncertainty, and depression many of us craved for something luxurious and did not stop shopping for rare and expensive items. Remember us wearing eveningwear at home, imagining ourselves at Red Carpet events? Well, yes, and while joy in lockdown comes in predictable doses, zoom styling and virtual fashion shows came to cheer us up and keep us inspired.

Virtual styling

Starting in lockdown and continuing nowadays, virtual styling just like virtual fashion gives us an opportunity to find some of the best personal stylists and relax in the comfort of our own. As personal styling has always been considered a luxurious service for people of high class, nowadays its virtual alternative can fulfill the styling needs of a wider audience. It’s very easy and affordable to have an hour or more talking about the latest trends and getting some tips on refreshing your current wardrobe.

photo: @fitsbynya

In addition to the affordability and comfort of meeting at any place, virtual styling is beneficial because personal stylists can quickly learn our tastes and discover how to make us more stylish and appealing. Many stylists also state that virtual styling wouldn’t work so well in pre-pandemic times simply because people wouldn’t have been open to that. However, nowadays when the world is so into digital and virtual communications, working via chat or a video call is becoming the new norm even for styling services.

photo: @wantshoprepeat

Virtual Fashion Shows

Online fashion shows no longer sound like something unusual and has become an integral part of the fashion world. Prestigious and exciting, they give an opportunity to sit in the first row not only to fashion bloggers and celebrities but for many others. Comfortably sitting on our sofas in the beautiful setting of our home, we can enjoy the latest spectacular fashion presentations. So, let’s dive into the world of the most amazing virtual fashion shows and get inspiration for our awesome future outfits!

Virtual Fashion

1. Moschino

Puppet Show for Spring 2021 Collection

It was an amazing runway show and one of a kind. Moschino surprised everyone by transforming a traditional fashion show into a fashion puppet show. Marionette models were wearing miniature items of the Spring 2021 Collection while a marionette front row looked at them with admiration. It was an intimate salon-style fashion show and seemed incredibly personal to the viewers.

2. Prada

Virtual fashion show for Spring 2021

The first collection, co-designed by Miuccia Prada and Belgian designer Raf Simons, is presented in a fabulous yellow space, where everything from floor to ceiling is wrapped in this summer colour. Prada has masterly combined both physical and virtual aspects in this spring 2021 collection. While monitors and cameras replace the physical presence of the technicians, a cast of models beautifully walk along the columns.

3. Khaite

photo: www.
Viewing the new season items by scanning a QR code

Khaite has been particularly creative with the idea of presenting its Spring 2021 collection and has designed a complete sensory experience. The brand sent presentation boxes with huge printed lookbooks to buyers and editors. There were QR codes inside the cover, after scanning which 3-D shoes appeared in front of you. It was an amazingly interactive and surprising experience!

4. Chanel

Chanel’s digital cruise show 2021-2022

Astonishingly beautiful and elegant as always, Chanel’s cruise collection for 2021-2022 was gorgeously presented this spring in Provence. The luxury fashion house artistically blended elements of rock’n’roll with classic black and white silhouettes. Its dreamy virtual fashion show completely fulfills our desire for aesthetics and visually pleasing craftsmanship.

5. Mugler

Virtual runway film showing Mugler spring/summer 2021 collection in reverse

Being a brand synonymous with glamour, Mugler amazed everyone with flying and walking backward models. Filmed entirely in reverse, the presentation was far from a typical runway show, with unexpected acrobatic and choreographic movements. The level of excitement was also raised by stunning Bella Hadid and Irina Shayk, walking in glittery and nude illusionary dresses.

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