The most amazing and rare Hermès bags

The most amazing and rare Hermès bags

Recognized as the most expensive and coveted, Hermès bags are the epitome of unconditional luxury and style like nothing else. For every woman, this handbag is more than a wardrobe item and rather a cultural icon and a status symbol. By purchasing Hermès, women show that they are successful and deserve the very best.

Nevertheless, among Hermès bags there are the best of the best, the rarest and unique, and even those being a lot at Christie’s and Sotheby’s auctions. It is about the models that we are going to talk about today.

1. Hermès Himalaya Birkin

Victoria Beckham with Hermès Himalaya Birkin

Undoubtedly, the list of the most unique and coveted Hermès handbags is worth starting with Hermès Himalaya Birkin. Encrusted with diamonds, it is the most expensive bag in the world. This is the model that was presented at Christie’s and sold in 2017 for £ 293,000.

2. Sterling silver Hermès Mini Kelly

Kim Kardashian with Sterling silver Mini Kelly

Created from the finest sterling silver and in micro 15 cm size, this Mini Kelly is probably the rarest Hermès creation. Unmatched in sophistication and craftsmanship, this handbag is the perfect accessory for an evening look and has already become a unique addition to the collection of Hermès handbags by American star Kim Kardashian.

3. Limited Edition Hermès Kelly with Grace Kelly Portrait


Another unique Hermès bag is Kelly with a portrait of Grace Kelly herself printed on canvas. The bag was produced in a limited edition for Artcurial, Hermès annual vintage sale and sold for $ 80,906.

4. Hermès Kelly Doll

photo: @mrs_bcworld

This fun and rare handbag will appeal to true Hermès fans. A whimsically smiling face, leather arms and legs will attract gentle smiles to its owner at every step. The Kelly Doll was designed and manufactured in 2000 by Jean-Louis Dumas himself, a French businessman and chairman of the Hermès group from 1978 to 2006. Many also argue that it was thanks to him that Hermès began to be perceived as a global luxury brand.

Unsurprisingly, these precious and exclusive bags are considered by some to be a more attractive investment than gold. Combining history, culture and sophisticated style, these bags will remain in the hearts of fashionistas all over the world for generations to come.


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