Top 10 popular luxury items in 2021 pt.2

Top 10 popular luxury items in 2021 pt.2

In the modern world, where unique wardrobe items and exclusive jewelry are still able to speak about their owner, the desire to own the rarest items doesn’t pass among fashionistas all over the world. Limelight Nova is one of the few fashion concierge companies capable of finding the most desirable for their clients. Since its foundation in 2008, the company has been well known for sourcing exceptionally rare luxury items for clients with impeccable taste. Many of them kept the contacts of the company in great secret so that the exclusive items didn’t appear among their friends and competitors. With offices in London and Monaco, Limelight Nova is one of the first independent fashion concierge companies in Europe serving the most renowned international celebrities and VIP clients.

6. Amina Muaddi PVC Begum


Today, Amina Muaddi shoes are among the most sought-after designer shoes that are very common on Instagram. A curly heel, an original brooch and silicone in the brightest colours became the iconic features of the shoes from this young designer.

7. Mach&Mach shoes

Lena Peminova                                Unknown source

These stunningly cheeky, bold and playful shoes are perfect for parties and unspoken statements! Unsurprisingly, they are so beloved by stars and fashion influencers including Katy Perry, Lena Perminova and Kylie Jenner.

8. Hermès mini Kelly

Alex Riviere                                          @therealfashionblogger

This handbag, especially in mini size, continues to be the most desirable item in the wardrobe of every fashionista. It’s a stylish, cool, and smart investment as prices on this item are growing fast. It is often worn open and a crossbody.

9. Cult Gaia Serita dress

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

The iconic Cult Gaia Serita jersey dress is undoubtedly the winner of this season’s summer dresses. Daring cut-outs on the sides, flirtatiously accentuating the waist, open back and maxi length perfectly embody the resort style.

10. Oversized hoodie

Alex Riviere                      Unknown source

Once an oversized gym sweatshirt, it has become a must-have hoody for any wardrobe. This trend undoubtedly combines fashion and comfort. Particularly popular this season were the Chrome Hearst Hoodies, of course with the iconic cross prints.

In conclusion, I would like to note how much the fashion world has changed with the advent of bloggers, having had a tremendous impact on the formation of consumer tastes and brand preferences. A selection of the top 10 things is a vivid confirmation to this. “In our time, trends are more and more often set by fashion influencers, and clients are striving for a similar image, this is a new way of inspiration and self-expression,” added Aelita Solomatina, founder of Limelight Nova. Bloggers form a special world around them, and we get to know it through photos and videos on Instagram, which is characterized by its own emotional mood, tone and style. This trend will not go away, but rather develop into something more, building an even closer connection between bloggers and fans of fashion.

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