How Works Our Fashion Concierge Service

How Works Our Fashion Concierge Service

Fashion Concierge Service

To make our client shopping experience with us easier, Limelight Nova professional team has prepared a quick overview of all concierge service steps and processes.

1. Requesting the item:

Something on our social media caught your eye? Spotted a celebrity look you simply must have? Or perhaps, there’s an item you’ve been tirelessly searching for with no luck? Send us a WhatsApp message with any information on the product you’re after, along with sizing details. Our professional concierge service team will handle the search from now on.

2. Sourcing:

Once your request has been received, our team will begin the process of finding your next favorite wardrobe addition. Leave the challenging part to us, whilst you consider the next occasion to showcase the new look!

3. Purchasing:

As a successful fashion concierge service company, we aim to deliver you good news soon after you have placed the request, and once we do so, the next step of processing payment is very easy. We accept payment via card (Visa, MasterCard & American Express), pay-by-link, and bank transfer.

4. Delivery:

For utmost convenience, we deliver worldwide. In addition, we have a unique opportunity to provide a private courier for making personal deliveries where possible. All items are packaged and transported with ultimate care to ensure their safe arrival.

Finally, the order is in your hands and is ready to wear, use or gift! We love to see our clients looking great, so please tag @limelightnova on Instagram when you show off the items sourced by Limelight Nova Fashion Concierge which bring together your fresh style.

Contact us at or WhatsApp +44 7771 892 000 for more information about these amazing pieces and how to place an order. Read more about us HEREFollow us @limelightnova.