New Trend: Fashion Upcycling

Manufacturing clothes out of vintage materials and creating stylish looks is a completely new trend in fashion right now! The trend has been embraced by many luxury brands as well as emerging contemporary ones. From RE/DONE to Miu Miu, brands offer stylish upcycled jeans, coats, dresses, and many more. This is so cool and so new, that we all can tacitly declare – we are sustainable and trendy at the same time! This new trend and method of upcycled clothing is quite simple and starts by transforming old, worn out,…
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It is Time for Virtual Fashion!

During lockdowns, times of uncertainty, and depression many of us craved for something luxurious and did not stop shopping for rare and expensive items. Remember us wearing eveningwear at home, imagining ourselves at Red Carpet events? Well, yes, and while joy in lockdown comes in predictable doses, zoom styling and virtual fashion shows came to cheer us up and keep us inspired. Virtual styling Starting in lockdown and continuing nowadays, virtual styling just like virtual fashion gives us an opportunity to find some of the best personal stylists and relax…
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